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Males Swimwear: Branching Out At The Beach
For most men, there’s a pair of males swimwear lying at the bottom of their underwear drawer which gets dragged out every year for the beach or for a weekly swimming or tanning session. However, why stick to the same old design when there are so many options out there? If you’re looking for an outfit to wear in your own back yard while you work on your tan, the thong swimsuit might be a better choice than the faded board shorts you’ve had since you were 18 years old. Just as important, perhaps you want something a little less revealingly tight than your Speedos, or something a bit more risqué than the thong swimsuit your partner bought you when you asked for something erotic for the poolside.
In the interest of broadening your males swimwear horizons, it’s worth taking a look at every genre of swimsuit, even if it’s something you’ve always assumed you would only find on the most adventurous beaches in Europe. We’ll take a look at each style of popular males swimwear, putting them in decreasing order of skin to material ratio!
Board Shorts
The old favorite, board shorts are arguably the most popular type of men's swimwear, but unfortunately also the least creative. Originally board shorts were developed for men who wanted a quick-drying type of swimwear to surf in, but the style has quickly become one of the most common styles for guys of all ages.
The modest style covers anywhere between half and the whole thigh, making it a must for anyone who wants to keep their legs to themselves on the beach, despite the unsightly tan lines and pale, pasty thighs they might take home at the end of the summer season. This design originally saved surfers from accidentally waxing the back of their thighs when they sat on the sticky, wax covered surface of their surf boards. Board shorts can come with Velcro flies, making them feel almost exactly the same as wearing a normal pair of shorts rather than a type of swimwear. The strong waistband keeps them from being pulled down and makes them perfect for active water sports where the strong current or waves might dislodge other type of clothing.
Speedos were created by an Australian men's swimwear company, which has since brought the word Speedo into common use for any type of swimwear that has a v-shape and is worn like a pair of typical underwear briefs. Speedos are commonly made of Lycra and nylon, and have a form-fitting design.
Just like board shorts, Speedos were originally designed for use in water sports, in particular competitive swimming over distances and for water polo. Many professional swimmers are rumored to shave their body hair to reduce drag, and Speedos serve the same purpose. They’re so close fitting and follow the lines of the male body so snugly that the water moves right over them without slowing the swimmer down.
Speedos dry faster than board shorts and have the added bonus of revealing more skin to the summer sunshine, allowing a less embarrassing tan line. Another advantage the Speedo males swimwear design has over shorts is that they’re easy to wear underneath other clothes, both before and after swimming. It’s commonly believed that European beaches are swarming with men dressed only in Speedos, but they are in fact only common in competitive sporting environments and as the prescribed outfit for school swimming lessons. Board shorts have recently become much more popular when lounging on the beach or by the poolside.
The main fault with Speedos in a social or beach environment is that they’re too revealing and leave too much to the imagination compared with board shorts. If, on the other hand, you’re at the beach solely so that everyone else can enjoy the sight of your body stretched out on the sand, there are plenty more revealing designs that do the job of showing off your assets even better.
The word ‘bikini’ isn’t one that automatically brings swimwear to mind. Perhaps instead the image in your head is of a hot female model wearing bikini bottoms and sunbathing by the side of the pool. But the fact is that the bikini style is a perfectly acceptable style of men's swimwear. The name bikini is sometimes applied to types of men’s swimwear that don’t have any other clear category, but the most accurate description is one that has a lot of similarities to a Speedo. However, instead of the underwear briefs design of Speedos, there’s a ‘v’ of material at the front and back that joins with a very thin string of material on the hips.
One may wonder why a guy would bother with a bikini style rather than heading out for a pair of Speedos. The key here is that the bikini design leaves a lot more skin open to the sun, allowing less obvious tan lines around the front and hips. There are beaches who strictly forbid certain more revealing styles of males swimwear, especially if there’s a lot of ass on display, so the bikini design is a good way to avoid a y-shaped tan without breaking the rules. are a company who specialize in revealing and exhibitionist males swimwear, but who frequently are contacted by customers who claim that they can’t wear the designs in public. It wasn’t long before the ‘Ass Market Bikini’ was born – not quite as prim and proper as Speedos but just as suitable for public beaches without quite as much material to cover everything up.
Thongs and G-Strings
Picture someone in a thong and it’ll be a girl or a guy parading along white sands with an all over tan and an ass so muscular that it could pick up a cherry from the floor. However, thongs weren’t originally a western invention to keep tan lines so tiny that they would take hours to find, but a day-to-day garment worn by indigenous tribes from Asia and Africa. Perhaps, though, there are some similar motives when both societies thought of the thong to be worn in public.
The design is structured to cover the genitals but as little of the rest of the body as possible – essentially keeping the bare minimum under wraps without wasting extra material. The thong as a form of  swimwear has some controversy surrounding it, but many men argue that there’s no good reason why women can show off their cheeks while men have to modestly cover them with swimwear.
There are several variations of the thong, all of which rest on the structure of the skimpy material around the back of the swimwear holding it all together. The ‘G-String’ is the most common design, with a thin strap between the legs that widens a little as it joins the band around the waist. Nobody can really trace the origins of the name G-String, but all the best guesses note that ‘G’ probably stands for groin. Next is the ‘V-String’, similar to the G-String but with even les material. Instead, the main string comes from beneath body and separates into a v with two separate branches of string that join the waist band further up. The ‘T-Back’ or T-String is very simply one string that joins the waist band, and usually pulls the waist down at the back to create an m shape that many men and women like because it frames the ass. And finally, for the particularly creatively minded, the C-String manages to hold everything up without any waist band around the hips at all, just a flexible wire and plastic frame to keep it locked on the body. Best worn for the least active of beach activities, there aren’t many examples of men's swimwear that show the C-String design, but it wouldn’t be hard to adapt and eliminates any traces of tan lines completely.
Erotic males swimwear is a fast growing market, especially with the increase in both straight and gay men who are becoming interested in exhibitionism. In 2004 a survey revealed there were more than 4.5 million residential swimming pools in the US, so it’s not hard to imagine that if a guy gets turned away from the public beach because of revealing swimwear, there’s no shortage of alternatives for them to wear it at. Private swimming pools are the perfect place to strip off and change into erotic males swimwear, whether it’s just for you and your partner or at a private function with a kinky theme. market and sell erotic males swimwear designs made exclusively in the United States. Their designs aim to appeal to guys no matter what part of erotic swimwear interests them most.
Exhibitionists like erotic swimwear for its revealing nature. Some examples are made with transparent or translucent materials that display a little more than the average swimsuit. See-through plastic or latex is one option and mesh or sheer material is another, both making onlookers take a second glance at a guys package. Alternatively, for men who like to leave a little more to the imagination, there are designs which incorporate the minimalist backing of a thong or G-String with a pouch at the front. This usually barely covers more than the genitals, so most men shave or wax any pubic hair to keep things neat and presentable. The ‘Pipe Works’ design actually has a pouch that is made to be the perfects shape for the penis to slip inside it, making it obvious what you have between your legs without revealing any more skin than necessary.
The next category of erotic males swimwear is for enhancement. There are very few men who don’t quietly imagine they have a few extra inches where they count, and now swimwear can boost their confidence a little with only a cock-ring and some cleverly designed Lycra. The cock ring gathers the cock and balls and pushes them up and forwards, while the pouch covering has a piece of string to tie it in place, all of which makes everything look bigger and more impressive.
Alternatively, there’s a growing trend with men who want to feel more feminine to wear erotic males swimwear that heads in the other direction, and reduces the size of their junk. The ‘Mangina Re-dux’ manages to split the balls and penis into a swimsuit that makes everything down there look like a set of labia, or lips like a girls. If that sounds a little too graphic, there’s also the ‘Pussy Boy’ which flattens the dick and testicles and gives a feminine, smooth look to the body.
Finally, a hugely popular area of males erotic swimwear are the types that include sex toys into the designs. This can be ass-stretchers, dildos, cock rings or chastity cages, all of which are hidden beneath the males swimwear to be almost invisible to everyone else around. Both gay and straight men are interested in the feeling of having something in their ass while they swim or walk around, and the feeling of insertion is intensely arousing. The ‘Teaser Sheer Thong’ has little enough material not to cause tan lines, but is the perfect shape to keep a butt plug inside a guys body, or to use the inbuilt ass-stretcher.
A Little Variety
As you’ve seen, next time summer’s coming round and it’s time to spend some hard earned money on men’s swimwear, there’s more than a few choices. They might not all be appropriate for the public beach, but that doesn’t mean you have to be limited to board shorts or the same design of Speedos you’ve worn since you were still at school. Take a look around next time you go swimsuit shopping, even if you can’t bring yourself to browse the revealing styles that catch your eye in the shop. If you’re interested in something that makes you feel as well as look good, there are plenty of online sites who are happy to deliver with stealth!